The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

If you’re like many business owners in the New England region, you’ve been looking for the perfect voice solution for your business. After all, calling, messaging, and meeting are just some of the most basic ways to keep your employees integrated and in communication, so your business is always moving toward its goals and never backward. At the Amaral Group, we’re pleased to sell and install Microsoft 365 Business Voice to our valued clients looking for the ultimate, all-in-one voice solution. When it comes to voice and collaboration service and products, Office 365 stands second to none. A cloud-based phone system built for productivity, it integrates with Office 365 for a complete and comprehensive all-in-one communication platform that brings together apps, calling, meeting, and messaging into one application—Microsoft Teams. 

Designed for Small & Medium Businesses

For a small or mid-size company, Office 365 Business Voice can integrate into the workflow seamlessly as an addition you will wish you had when you started your business. With the ability to easily unify all your communication applications within one, your business processes will be streamlined, saving you time and money. Get calling, chat, meetings, a calendar, and email unified in a single app, and benefit from a calling feature that’s flexible, easy, and intelligent—helping you stay connected throughout the work week. 

Connect Quickly & Easily

We all know getting into any online meeting can mean jumping through the annoying hoops of new windows, browsers, sign-ins, etc., and all that unnecessary trouble eats into valuable time in your workday. With Business Voice, joining a meeting is simple and quick: you can join directly from Outlook, and so can your attendees without application downloads or sign-ins. Stop wasting time with applications that bog down your clock, and use the time to get back to what really matters—striving toward your company’s end goals.  

Get an Installation Quote Today

Office 365 Business Voice works to simplify businesses, reduce complexity, and help you save time and money. Interested in trying Office 365 Business Voice for your business? At the Amaral Group, we’ve been serving our clients with VoIP recommendations, service, and installations for years, and this product comes with outstanding quality. If you’d like to learn more about integrating Office 365 or Office 365 Business Voice into your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the IT pros at the Amaral Group today. We look forward to serving you and helping your business grow. 



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