What Is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

At the Amaral Group we offer Infrastructure as a service. IaaS is the availability of on-demand compute resources. This resource is excellent for customers who use their information technology as a competitive business advantage. IaaS works well for businesses that have dedicated resources for capacity planning and are looking to move from a legacy VM infrastructure toward a “hyperconverged” infrastructure, a structure in which one hardware vendor and software-defined networking, storage, and compute process reduces or eliminates management overhead, while self-healing and enabling scale out capacity.   

IaaS Products

  • VMware 
  • OpenStack 
  • AWS  

Features of IaaS

The features of IaaS include: 

  • It enables self-service of compute resources within a quota. 
  • IaaS exponentially increases turnaround time of development teams by establishing a quota vs handling via change requests. 
  • This software can auto-scale to meet platform demand. 
  • IaaS makes it easy to standardize digital resources and deploy a private cloud. 

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