WordPress Design, Installation, and Administration

WordPress is one of the leading and most popular content management systems in the world wide web. Allowing for organic coding designs as well as thousands of available styles and themes to choose from, WordPress has quickly become the go-to CMS for many companies from large to small.  

At the Amaral Group, we’re proud to be able to help your company develop a website that will increase traffic and attract new customers and clients at an affordable cost that doesn’t break the bank. We will work one-on-one with you to design and develop the kind of website you want because we know how important an attractive, user-friendly, and functional site is for your business. From the beginning, we will meet with you to figure out what features you need for your new site, discuss design and theme ideas, and go over specific functionalities. From there we will create a development site with this design in mind, generate original, attention-catching copy to enhance your search engine optimization, and once the mock-up is finished, we will send it to you to review and decide if it’s ready to be implemented as your new, fresh company website. 

We're Here to Help

As a small business, we know just how important creating and maintaining a functional and eye-catching website is. That’s why we’re here to help in every step from fruition to assisting you in actively maintaining your site over time with new updates and additions. If you’re ready to discuss your website with us, contact us today: sales@amaral.com and 617.440.7900 x:250.