What Is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SaaS is a software platform in the cloud fully managed by a service provider like us at The Amaral Group. We take care of all the infrastructure including server configuration, software installation, storage provisioning, backups, network management, upgrades, maintenance, and support.

An Option for Customers

This service is excellent for customers who need easy access to business applications without the installation and maintenance and who have limited or no dedicated resources for installing and maintaining software applications on-premises. This is also a great option for customers who are seeking to reduce costs of on-premises hosting, including physical infrastructure and IT management and support.


  • Salesforce 
  • ServiceNow 
  • QuickBooks Enterprise  

Features of SaaS

  • This software is available on-demand in the cloud and ready to use with no installation required 
  • Access to the internet and a web browser are typically the only requirements to use it. 
  • License models are based on a subscription depending upon number of users and features. 
  • The Amaral Group performs automatic updates and maintenance.  

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