Thrive for the Workplace

Thrive is a leading behavior change technology company founded by Arianna Huffington in 2016 with the mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic. Thrive helps individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience with its AI-powered behavior change technology platform. Thrive’s Microsteps – small, science-backed steps to improve health and productivity – have been adopted by employees at more than 125 organizations in over 140 countries, from frontline and call center workers to executives at multinational companies. Overview of the Thrive behavior-change platform is here, and a 2 minute sizzle video is here.

Thrive for Teams

  • Thrive meets employees where they are in the workflow, whether that’s within Microsoft Teams or Slack on web or mobile, or using our web app, mobile app, or Chrome extension. Thrive for Teams is our full platform integrated into Microsoft Teams for a seamless experience. Overview of Thrive for Teams is here.
  • So far, well-being programs have been largely ignored, they’re too hard to access, there’s very little awareness or intrinsic motivation, and the result is that they just haven’t been leveraged as much.
  • With Thrive for Teams, we’re helping you prioritize your people’s well-being in a seamless, integrated workflow — which eventually impacts your company’s overall performance because we know that employee engagement and well-being is connected to your organization’s bottom line. 
  • Thrive for Teams takes the burden off the employee to prioritize their well-being (and puts the power in the hands of the employer).


  • Unlike most wellness products that are a point solution, Thrive offers a whole human solution because sleep, nutrition, movement and other key aspects of our overall well-being are all connected. 
  • Recharge, Food, Movement, Focus, Money & Connection are our six journeys. We help people learn new behaviors and reduce the stressors they have in these core areas to support their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 
  • That’s also where our Microsteps come in. They are too-small-to-fail, science backed actions you can take to form the building blocks of behavior change. They’re at the core of Thrive for Teams.


  • Thrive Pulse gives you an at-a-glance view of how your employees are doing in real time.
  • At Thrive we’re combining the latest research on burnout and work engagement. We base our daily Thrive Pulse questions and measurement scales off of two of the leading frameworks, the Maslach Burnout Inventory and the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale. We work closely with our scientific advisory board – which includes culture leaders like Adam Grant, Angela Duckworth and David Agus – to make sure we’re always leveraging the latest research and perspectives.

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