The Cyber Threat Landscape Is Evolving: Choose Nodeware

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, which makes protecting against malicious attacks extremely challenging. Nodeware helps your organization achieve and maintain an effective security posture by identifying your greatest risks and weaknesses—before malicious outsiders can take advantage of them. Created to scale from SMB to Enterprise, we offer a Nodeware solution to fit businesses of every size and budget. 

Why Choose NodeWare for Your Business?

Discovery. From the moment you activate your Nodeware Sensor, it begins to scan your network looking at all network-connected assets, including laptops, mobile phones, IoT devices, and network infrastructure. 

Management. Nodeware builds a custom vulnerability profile. Vulnerability scans are run continuously against a subset of available assets, to give you the latest threat profile. 

Remediation. Nodeware makes it simple to understand what your cybersecurity risk level is by quantifying it through a network health score. 



  • Monitors up to 1,024 concurrent addresses and unlimited devices 
  • Optimized for four subnets 
  • Includes four external scan licenses 

Nodeware Plus New Features 

  • Patent-pending Nodeware® Pathfinder Technology 
  • Layer 3 Dynamic 
  • Simplified Management 
  • Next-Gen Threat Intelligence 
  • Rapid-Deploy Updates 

Nodeware Enterprise: With our enterprise product, users have additional configuration options to better align with their infrastructure size and number of assets. 

Deployment Options: Nodeware can be run on dedicated hardware or as a virtual appliance. Nodeware can be run through the Intel® NUC hardware, or virtually through VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. 

Key Benefits

  • Understand Your Security Posture. From the moment you begin using Nodeware, you can gauge your network health with a simple Network Health Score and see network activity with custom email alerts for new assets and risks. 
  • Achieve Security Compliance. Vulnerability scanning is a required security standard for many industries, and automated scanning helps you achieve compliance with security standards and avoid noncompliance fines. 
  • Access Detailed Reports. Comprehensive reports are available on demand to report remediation progress to executives and are accessible through the Nodeware platform and API. 
  • Scale to Your Needs. Unparalleled affordability for SMBs, yet scalable and powerful enough for Enterprise use, including those with multiple firewalls, VLANS, and disparate locations. 

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