Backup & Disaster Recovery to Protect Your Business

Backup & Disaster Recovery are an integral part of any business plan. In the event of a crash, power outage, malware attack, or natural disaster, computer systems are at risk of irreversible data loss. Companies have gone out of business as a result of data loss from the absence of a reliable backup system and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

What We Do

At the Amaral Group, we offer a variety of solutions for reliable backup and recovery. We typically recommend a hybrid local backup with automatic synchronization to the cloud. Our experts will help you find the solution that works best for your business and your budget. Could you handle losing any of your data? If the answer is a simple no, get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation today. We have the resources you need to protect valuable business assets in case of an emergency.  

Backup Systems

Backup systems must be as resilient as ever today. Not only do we need to be concerned about an unexpected server failure or a natural disaster, but relentless threats from hackers are on the rise. Viruses such as cryptolocker have crippled entire businesses by infecting networks and irreversibly encrypting irreplaceable business data. A versioned backup system—one that stores multiple historic copies of the data over time—is the only way to recover fully from this type of attack.  

Disaster Recovery

Planning for the unthinkable may not seem important—until the unthinkable happens. Don’t be left scrambling when you could have been prepared ahead of time with a disaster recovery plan. A comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan is essential to maintain business continuity. Make a list of emergency procedures, identify critical systems and have pre-planned action items to be executed immediately. Our Disaster Recovery plans take a holistic view and consider the people, processes and technology involved for the best chance of a quick and full recovery in the event of an emergency.