What Is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

Platform as a Service is a development environment in the cloud that is pre-packaged and ready for software deployment. Being already set for deployment allows software engineers to focus on developing code with no requirements to setup and maintain the underlaying host environment 

PaaS for Customers

Platform as a Service is an excellent tool for customers with production applications to maintain their environment. If your business is looking to fully capitalize on its DevOps initiatives, then PaaS may be right for you. Customers who want to modernize their legacy applications via containers and micro-services infrastructure and who may need to scale on-demand, while reducing management overhead of application lifecycle, will find PaaS useful. 


  • Red Hat OpenShift 
  • Kubernetes  
  • Docker


  • PaaS enables rapid cloud-native development. 
  • It provides a clear separation between development and operations responsibilities. 
  • PaaS consists of the hyper-scaling of applications to meet demand with zero server-management or infrastructure changes. 
  • It enables modern, micro-service architectures and tight integration with DevOps initiatives, containerization, and migration of legacy infrastructure to self-healing deployment platforms. 

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