Protect Your Data with the Amaral Group

At the Amaral group, we know how important protecting your data is to you. That’s why when you want to work with experts in the data field, look no further than us! Today, investment in information security is more critical than ever. Front page headlines and high-profile stories have brought the issue of information security to the forefront of business matters as hackers, viruses, and malware threaten networks daily. Reducing these risks is critical to protecting your company’s tangible and intangible assets, which is why it’s our number one priority. A data compromise, extended systems outage, or data loss can result in catastrophic consequences, costing time, money, and reputation. For the best expertise on information security in the industry, trust the Amaral group. 

When it comes to information security, we can manage your data in the safest way possible, but below are what we specialize in: 

  • Policies & Procedures: We build a framework for a truly secure organization with a comprehensive information security plan to protect critical business assets. 
  • Compliance Regulations: We prepare for compliance audits such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HI-TEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, MA 201-17, FISMA and more. 
  • Security Controls: We implement strong security controls with anti-malware, firewall rules, network monitoring, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention. 
  • Risk Assessments: We evaluate all types of security risks to the business and effectively prioritize the mitigation of risks dependent upon impact, cost and probability. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning: We proactively scan and analyze network vulnerabilities to make informed decisions on how to most effectively implement security controls. 
  • Digital Forensics: We have expertise in the collection, analysis, validation, and reporting on digital evidence in preparation for an impending litigation.