A Suite of Web Applications

At the Amaral Group, we know how important having the correct web applications to run your business is. That’s why we are experienced in an extensive suite of various applications to assist your business in whatever your needs may be from web development to database administration. Our software engineers are experienced in building everything from a modern, professional business website to a fully functional data-driven dynamic web-based application.  

Custom Development


  • Javascript (NodeJS)  
  • Python (Django)  
  • Java  
  • .NET  
  • PHP  


  • HTML5  
  • CSS3  
  • Javascript (Angular, React & JQuery)  


  • Relational SQL  
  • Non-Relational NoSQL  
  • APIS  
  • REST  
  • SOAP  

Platform Development

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • WordPress  
  • Joomla!  
  • Drupal  

IT Services Management (ITSM) Platforms

  • ServiceNow  
  • SAManage  
  • SpiceWorks  

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Best Practices  
  • Content optimization  
  • Keywords & Ad Words  
  • Google Analytics  
  • Product inventory  
  • Shopping Cart  
  • Credit Card Payments