What Is Software-Defined Storage (SDS)?

At the Amaral Group, we offer Software-Define Storage to help our customers work independently of hardware and scale their businesses on demand. With software-defined storage, we help your business develop a method of provisioning and managing storage independent of storage hardware.  

SDS for Customers

Software-defined storage is excellent for customers who frequently experience high data growth and are looking to solve the challenges of scaling the size of their business. This is also a great choice for businesses considering Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

Products We Offer

  • GlusterFS/Container-Native Storge 
  • Ceph   

Software-Defined Storage Features

  • SDS can cluster commodity hardware to provide highly performant and tune-able SAN infrastructure.  
  • SDS allows for scale-out architecture, allowing your business’s information technology to grow, offering many benefits over proprietary scale-up vendor solutions.  
  • CPU, Memory, and capacity can be independently scaled to meet application demand, again without vendor lock in, to maximize cost, capacity, and performance.  
  • These clusters can be tuned to maximize $/TB, BTU/Watt, IOPS/Sec, etc., as well as the ability to scale to Petabyte/Exabyte and beyond capacity.  
  • With software defined storage, no central metadata server is necessary, meaning no single points of failure.  
  • This software works in tight integration with IaaS and PaaS platforms.  
  • Such storage clusters can offer Object, File, and Block storage independently to a wide range of application and infrastructure workloads, meaning pools of storage highly optimized for different purposes can be provisioned at will and scale with and on demand.   

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