Remote Work Solutions for Your Business

Have you considered making your business remote? You don’t have to lose productivity! Remote work is a great way to keep your employees safe and healthy. We have the right tools and software to help you enable remote work for all employees, keep productivity high, and avoid business disruptions. 

Teleworker Solutions

A combination of features in Microsoft 365 enables remote workers in a highly collaborative way. Microsoft 365 offers online meetings and chat sessions, shared workspaces for cloud-based file storage with global accessibility and real-time collaboration, and shared tasks and workflows to divide up the work and get things done. With collaboration and productivity platforms such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, remote workers can schedule and attend online video-based meetings and work on the same documents at the same time. Microsoft Teams can be used for chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration, and employees have the ability to record meetings and can access recordings of meetings they’ve missed. Users can access and share resources and files with Office apps across the web, mobile, and desktop, 

Voice Solutions

With VoIP options like Digium and Ring Central, employees can bring the office right into their own homes. Sangoma Digium offers communication solutions and options to fit every business. Their turnkey cloud and on-premise UC PBX phone systems can scale up into large configurations for thousands of users and scale down for small businesses with just a few users. The UC platforms can be augmented with a range of hardware and accessories from Sangoma to provide a complete custom solution, all from one vendor. With Switchvox, your company can simplify its communications down to one powerful solution delivered on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Get mobile apps, call recording, desktop faxing, call routing, presence, and much more. 

RingCentral offers a host of features that are easy and efficient to use. Features such as the RingCentral mobile app that turns your employees’ desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones into mobile offices, giving them 24/7 access anywhere they have an internet connection, and the ability start and schedule meetings directly from Office 365 and share meeting highlights with unlimited cloud recording and streaming, help bring the workplace to you. 

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