VoIP Phones for Exceptional Communication

One of the foundations of a successful business is communication, whether it be communicating within the business itself or with other businesses and organizations outside. At the Amaral Group, we know that every business wants a simple, user-friendly method of communicating that is app-inclusive and includes the most important features to provide a seamless experience on all levels of the organization.  

VoIP phone systems change the way businesses communicate with customers, partners, and across their organizations, by simplifying the way they call, chat, meet, and collaborate. Sourced from an internet connection, with VoIP phones, all users are in control of their communications experience. 

When you’re looking for just the right fit for a VoIP system that’s intuitive to use and accessible, we know that there are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming. We recommend the brands that we know our customers have loved every step of the way from installation to the latest updates. Nothing is worse than failing lines of communication when you’re doing your best to run a business. Microsoft 365 Business Voice, Avaya RingCentral, Switchvox, and Digium are our most sold brands, the ones our clients love the most, and the most updated, featureful, and app-inclusive systems on the market.  

Get in Touch to Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about these systems, browse our website, or better yet get in touch with us, so we can personally answer all your questions. We’ve been working in information technology for a long time, and we’ve seen vendors come and go. That’s why we stand by our recommendations 110% and intend to work with you, learn your business, and help you discover the perfect solution for your business.