Cisco Meraki

Meraki for Manufacturing An intelligent IT platform for a resilient future

With solutions from Cisco Meraki, manufacturers can unlock experiences to enable hybrid workforces and attract talent, make their IT infrastructure disruption-proof, and accelerate their transition to Industry 4.0 smart factories.

With a secure, intelligent, and cloud-first platform, Cisco Meraki not only protects from emerging cyber threats but also automates time-consuming IT operations, ensures agility in the face of unexpected challenges, and leverages built-in analytical insights to deliver exceptional experiences.

5 Ways to Unite IT and OT

Cisco Meraki offers a secure, cloud-based IT platform designed to prepare you for your Industry 4.0 future:

Reduce complexity

  • No command line interface or physical controllers
  • Central cloud management that’s scalable to 1,000s of locations for true end-to-end visibility and control
  • Realize operational savings via auto-deployment and installation Zero-touch provisioning for the entire IT infrastructure Automatic upgrades and patching

Automate and modernize

  • Automate provisioning and management of multiple organizations, networks, and policies
  • Rapidly deploy VPN with cloud-brokered site-to-site tunnels
  • Automatically apply policies to services, devices, and users based on identity and intent
  • Minimize outages, unsafe environmental conditions, and operational downtime with sensors
  • Proactively identify network problems and drastically reduce troubleshooting time with alerts and analytics

Secure and safeguard

  • Ensure physical security and safety of people and assets
  • Secure connectivity to onboard cloud applications and protected internet access
  • Reduce attack surfaces with cloud-orchestrated microsegmentation between employee groups, guests, and applications
  • Automatically receive security signatures from the largest cyber threat team in the industry
  • Improve app performance with secure SD-WAN while adding site resiliency

Adapt quickly

  • Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot at speed
  • Automate real-world insights to improve experiences faster
  • Support digital twin creation thanks to the intelligent, extensible cloud platform
  • Extend and customize network functionality, analytics, and reporting with RESTful APIs
  • Get access to a marketplace ecosystem with over 140 turnkey applications
  • Rapidly deploy solutions for safe mustering, PPE and safety equipment detection, contact tracing, safe wayfinding, and more

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