Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

A method of provisioning and managing storage independent of the storage hardware

GlusterFS/Container-Native Storge, Ceph 

Commodity hardware can be clustered to provide highly performant and tune-able SAN infrastructure
Scale-out architecture, many benefits over proprietary scale-up vendor solutions.
CPU, Memory, and capacity can be independently scaled to meet application demand, again without vendor lock in, to maximize cost/capacity/performance.
Clusters can be tuned to maximize $/TB, BTU/Watt, IOPS/Sec, etc, and scale to Pedabyte/Exebyte and beyond capacity.
No central metadata server, no single points of failure.
Tight integration with IaaS and PaaS platforms
Storage clusters can offer Object, File, and Block storage independently to a wide range of application and infrastructure workloads. I.e, pools of storage highly optimized for different purposes can be provisioned at will, and scale with demand. 

Customers experiencing high data growth
Customers looking to solve the challenges of scale
Customers considering IaaS or PaaS solutions