Finding the Right IT Fit for Your Business

As a business owner or technology officer, how do you choose to handle your company’s IT needs? If you don’t have technicians and engineers on staff, then you likely have to outsource when you need work done. Did you know that you have two options? That’s right. You can choose managed services with a provider, or you can choose a more flexible route with pay as you need.

Managed Services vs. Pay as You Need

Managed Services

Managed IT services come from a Managed Services Provider, an MSP. When you choose to enroll in a managed services plan, you pay a fixed monthly fee for ongoing IT support. With ongoing support, your provider will provide you with active monitoring, maintenance, and priority support to keep your office performing at peak performance. The pro to using a managed services provider is that any time you have an issue occur, it can be resolved quickly. The con is that you have to pay a monthly fee whether or not you use the services.

Pay as You Need Services

On the other hand, you can opt for pay as you need services from a communications service provider, a CSP. With pay as you need IT support services, you have the flexibility to pay for as little or as much service as you need. This support is “on demand,” and it is best suited for any business not wanting to commit to a monthly fixed price for managed services. With pay as you need, you pay only for the time it takes the technician to resolve your issue. No more or no less. Pay as you need allows customers to take complete control of their IT budget.

Contact Us for Services

If you’re a new business owner, or if you’re just looking for the right IT solution for your business, then choosing between managed services and pay as you need services is an important decision. An easy option is to start with pay as you need, and if you find that you need regular services frequently, then switching to managed services might make sense. When you’re ready to bring on the IT professionals, make sure you contact us at The Amaral Group.