Remote Work, A New Normal

The pandemic has brought unprecedented changes when it comes to working. Since the country began to shut down in March, many offices have gone virtual, meaning that employees were required to start working from home. Many offices are still working virtually, and a lot of workers are still adjusting—and a lot of offices are planning to permanently remain virtual.

If you’re working from home now because of the pandemic, chances are you didn’t imagine your home would also become your office. Now that the spare bedroom, kitchen, or closet has become a new workspace, things may be a little crowded. Plus, if you have kids, and they’re home too, working remotely may present even more challenges. Read on to find out some tips for managing your remote work life.

Tips for Remote Workers

Designate a Workspace

When you worked in an office, you had a place to go to every day, presumably a desk, too, where you could designate your mental efforts without too much interference or interruption. Find a place in your home that you can designate as your office during working hours, whether it be the living room, dining room, guest bedroom, or even a closet. Having a set place to work will help you maintain focus and get into a working state of mind.

Take Breaks

Working from home can cause us to lose track of time, so make sure you set times to be away from your computer. Take short walks, a lunch break, or just a few minutes away from your desk. Taking breaks will help you re-energize yourself for continuing work, and they will help you avoid dreaded burnout.


Not being in the office means your co-workers and boss can’t see you. Stay in touch with them every day, so you continually know what’s expected of you and to make sure you’re on the right track. Working from home likely will bring more and different responsibilities.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Make your home workspace as much like your office workspace as you can. Set up a desk, get a comfortable chair, office supplies, and a reliable internet connection. Having everything you need at your fingertips will make working from home go a lot smoother. You don’t know how long you may be working remotely, so it’s important to get comfortable.

Keep a Consistent Routine

Working from home has a lot of advantages—taking breaks whenever is convenient, sleeping in a little longer, working in comfortable clothes. However, even with all of this freedom and flexibility, maintaining a schedule is more important than ever. We thrive in scheduled routines, so set a schedule for yourself during workdays. Decide what time you’ll wake up, start work, take breaks, and end the day. This will keep your work life regular and help you balance your home life.

Contact Us for Your Remote Work Needs

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