"A colleague recommended The Amaral Group to me several years ago. I have called on their expertise several times since then. Usually it has been to help out with a project where in-house staff lacks the expertise to go it alone. On a few occasions it has been emergency assistance. On every occasion The Amaral Group has been responsive and helpful. On most occasions the project or problem resolution is complete in a single day.

The people I have worked with or spoken to on the phone are friendly and professional. Their focus is to understand what I need and to get the right person to me in a timely fashion. I have always been pleased with their work. I will definitely call them the next time I need such assistance.

I heartily recommend them to you if you are looking for IT talent. I have asked them to help at a non-profit I volunteer for. They take a large role in keeping things working well at that small non-profit with no in-house IT talent. They are also very pleased with The Amaral Group."

Adult Disability Services