Staff Augmentation

Is Staff Augmentation for you?

Have you experienced significant loss in productivity due to losing an essential team member? Is your productivity slowing to a halt due to understaffing or not being able to afford a senior support engineer? These are two big reasons that lead our customers to take advantage of our staff augmentation offering. You may be aware of our other service offerings, managed services and on demand IT services, leading you to wonder why you should consider Staff Augmentation and what sets our offering apart.

The process of hiring a new employee for part time or full time can be time consuming. Time lost is money spent. If you find your new hire on your own you will often have to train them and if they do not work out it can be hard for your organization to recover. With our staff augmentation offering, we eliminate all the hassle and fuss of talent acquisition. Our staff augmentation offering comes with a minimum term commitment, which enables us to give you volume discounts on the service rates. You also save since we take care of paying for this employee’s benefits and vacation days.

How we make staff augmentation work for you!

Our Staff Augmentation offering is a custom package catered to helping your organization achieve its weekly, monthly, or even yearly deliverables. Our staff augmentation service starts with assessing your organizations IT needs. With you, we establish a profile and terms for how our candidate will best fit within your organization. Once we have matched a candidate to the profile and terms we make ourselves available for open communication to review how the placement is working out. If an assignment needs to be lengthened or the scope needs to be reassessed, we can discuss it and create a new contract.


  1. Assess your needs
  2. Create a profile to fit that need
  3. Source and present our candidate
  4. Review and review


  1. Temporary
  2. Temp-to-Perm
  3. Direct Hire



  1. Flexibility
  2. Industry Experts
  3. Free your staff from menial labor
  4. Continue to meet demands of the dynamically changing technological landscape
    1. Implement new apps and technologies quickly with cost efficiency
  5. Save compared to the cost as-need IT support or hiring a full-time senior level employee
    1. You don't have to cover their benefits or paid vacation time
    2. You wont have to spend time and money on their training


Let us lighten your load and achieve your business goals with our Staff Augmentation offering, call or email us today to get started!

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