Cloud Technology

Cloud technology—it's all you hear about right now. But it can be confusing. We can help you make sense of it all.

Cloud technologies can help you reduce your capital expenses and get to market faster. Private cloud solutions feature VMware, Citrix, Windows Server® 2008 R2 Hyper-V™ and Microsoft System Center. Public cloud solutions support business productivity with robust Disaster Recovery options, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Intune to manage your PCs and flexible cloud computing through the Windows Azure™ platform. Distribute cloud power where it makes sense for your organization, and create new technology solutions that help drive your business forward. Contact us today

To compete effectively, you need an IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet dynamic business demands and maximize utilization of your IT investment. The Amaral Group has developed a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help you achieve that flexible infrastructure.

Whether you’re taking an evolutionary approach through virtualization or a more revolutionary approach by building an infrastructure from scratch, The Amaral Group brings the cloud down to earth. We offer consulting, cloud computing components and turnkey solutions based on pretested, preassembled, fully supported hardware, software and services.

Whether your cloud is public or private, we can show you a solution that’s more flexible, more cost-effective, and more you.

That’s cloud power.

See what cloud power can mean to your business. Contact us today at (617)440-7900 or

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