Back up & Disaster Recovery

Never fear losing your data again!

Backup and disaster recovery is an essential aspect to your business continuity plan in the event of a system failure. In the event of a system crash, power outage or a natural disaster, computer systems are at risk of data loss. Could you handle losing some, half, or all of your data? We have the solutions you'll need to protect your critical business data when these occurrences arise! We offer efficient and affordable backup products that provide reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. Backup solutions are designed in conjunction with the existing network architecture, and can be software-only or a combination of hardware and software. There are many choices and our experts will recommend the solution that best fits the unique needs of your company.

Back up

Our backup products provide secure solutions for efficient and reliable backup and recovery operations. We offer a variety of backup methods from local backup to site-to-site solutions and redundant offsite data storage (ortherwise known as Co-Lococation or CoLo for short). Keep peace of mind with our products that provide high-efficiency replication and redundancy. Send critical data to the cloud, to a remote site, or to a private cloud. Save on costs with advanced features such as space-saving data deduplication, and conserve bandwidth with prioritization, performance optimization and rate control. Eliminate administrative overhead with automation tasks and web-based management and reporting. Streamline and simplify administration with retention policy management, selective prioritization, scheduling, monitoring and notifications. We recommend a combination of continuous on-site storage along with replication to an off-site data center or a cloud provider to achieve a comprehensive backup solution. Backup locally, to a data center, to the cloud, or to an alternate site.

Disaster Recovery

Computers and the components that hold your data can be fragile and susceptible to hardware and software failure. After a data loss event, it is critical to be able to quickly recover all data from a backup location. An effective disaster recovery process is essential to maintain business continuity. Company data can be restored instantaneously from hot-site locations. Restore an environment quickly with the ability to restore virtual machine system state and data. Entire systems can be rebuilt by restoring from image file backups.


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