Industries We Serve

Our Network Engineers and Developers have years of experience in supporting an extremely diverse set of technologies. We service businesses of all sizes and types.

Distribution, Education, Engineering, Finance, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit, Publishing, Real Estate, Start Ups, and more!

We recognize every business is unique, the following tabs will highlight an analysis of patterns and trends among businesses of particular size groups.
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Small businesses tend to have a lot of remote users. We have the solution for your mobility needs to access your email and files on the go whether its on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Our Network Engineers are experienced in administering VPN technology to secure your users connection and most importantly, your network!

Other patterns with these businesses we see is that they see greatly reduced CAPEX and OPEX when virtualizing and moving to the cloud. Contact us today for more information!

Mid-size Businesses tend to be the most diverse in terms of growth rate and technologies implemented. Virtualization and cloud technology can still provide value in reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Businesses of this size may already have a dedicated IT staff or department on-site. Where we fit in here best is being able to reduce the cost of your technology needs through outsourcing minor helpdesk tickets as needed or reduce network downtime by creating a predictable IT spend through our managed service offerings.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a growing trend among businesses of this size. VDI reduces the power consumption of your endpoints as well as their load bearing on your network.

Also, as a business grows their needs for IT Security get more sophisticated. Multiple users can be hard to prevent from downloading new zero-day malware accidentally through phishing emails or other means. This is where your anti-virus needs to transition from reactive to preventative. We have the solutions to keep businesses of this size running efficiently, securely, and on budget-- contact us for more details!

Large businesses having many users tend to outgrow the subscription model offered with *some* cloud services because their IT hardware investments in those few cases may save them money versus paying an annual fee per each user. Our Network Engineers are specially trained in administering these technologies.

Businesses of this size tend to begin dealing with a new pain point: Their IT staff get bogged down with having to manage too many different technologies and applications. IT spend from businesses of this size is focused on saving those administrative costs through applications that can be deployed to employee endpoints through their server via GPO and managed multiple applications and endpoints through a single pane of glass.

We offer solutions to take the burden off of your IT staff's installation, administration, and management needs. Contact us today for more information.

Enterprise businesses in most cases have now outgrown the subscription model offered with cloud services completely. This is because the technologies implemented in businesses of this size tend to stay around for their full life-cycle thus IT hardware is a safe investment. However, businesses of this size still tend to acquire cloud or subscription based solutions for purposes of mobility or for specific departments, specialized projects, or custom applications.

These businesses already have an on-site IT team and typically do pull in consultants for assistance in deploying new technologies on a project basis. Once the technology is deployed typically the IT department will pick up ongoing management, however, our consultants will always remain available for support long after a sales cycle or project is complete.

* The only industry we do not serve is consumer/residential.